Edible Landscaping AKA Foodscaping

Edible landscaping or Foodscaping is the idea of having food plants within ornamental decorations or landscaping. This allows you to grow food within small footprints or even in places where a full-size garden is impossible. If you don't love the idea of having a large garden bed in your yard, that you may or may not give up on something during the season. Foodscaping or container gardening may be right for you! Or if you don't find looking at a garden bed pretty and want something more appealing to look at.

There are a few different ways you could do this:

  • Container gardening, I am talking about pretty containers on your patio. Make it part of your decor. You would be surprised at what you can grow in a container.

  • Add perennial or annual plants that supply you food to your current landscaping beds. Like Strawberries make a great ground cover, or blueberries make a good edging bush.

  • Create a Foodscaping bed, full-on everything is edible somehow, and it looks amazing together. Check out some great Foodscaping Books.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to grow that my family will eat or use?

  • What location do you have to work with?

  • Do you want annuals or perennials?

Some of my favorite things to grow and where:

  • Strawberries - Lots of them! They can grow almost anywhere and pretty easy to maintain.

  • Raspberries - the brand Bushel and Berry make a thornless raspberry bush! They make some blackberry and gorgeous blueberry plants as well. This brand grows great in containers and the ground.

  • Tomatoes - Pretty container with a trellis on my patio.

  • Green Beans - Another pretty container with a trellis of some type

  • Herbs - Wooden Pallets

  • Chives - They come back every year and are pretty hard to kill off. Chives forever!

  • All things greens - lettuce and everything like it, is easy, pretty. Just be prepared for caterpillars of all kinds.

There are so many things you can plant that are edible and pretty! Fruit trees, flowers, greens, berries, herbs, the list could go on. One of my favorite examples I have found online, not anywhere near me, but I love the concept is Edible Landscape Designs. Another great example I found that looks heavenly is on Garden Gate Magazine.

Tell me do you do Foodscaping? What do you love to grow?