February Monthly Meal Plan

We are now into February 2021! This month the post for a monthly meal plan is going to be different. Focusing February on planning with theme nights!

Planning for a month a time can seem overwhelming. However, when you break it down week by week and use themes, it is much easier than you would think.

Step 1: Have your Master List of meals ready. I think to break my down into categories. Slow-cooker meals, family favorites, taco night ideas, the list could go on.

Step 2: Plan out days you know you have an event or something special happening: birthdays, parties, holidays, appointments, and so on. For me, I know Thursday is a busy day, so I need a set it and forget it meal. This month we have Super Bowl and Valentines Day; I plan out all of these things in advance.

Step 3: Pick themes you like. We love Taco night, which can include Tacos, Taco Bowls, Enchiladas, quesadillas, sweet potato tacos, and so on. We also love Homemade pizza but don't want it every week.

Step 4: Done! Each week you have a general guide to go off of. You know you need a Taco Night, Chicken Meal, Beef Meal, Soup Meal. This gives you a base to start with and you can build on that!

Take a look at my example below!

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