Health & Wellness Apps

There are a lot of Health & Wellness, food tracker types of apps in the marketplace. Which one is the best? Can I find what that is everything I need? I don't have the answer to this, as everyone's needs are different but

here are my personal favorite apps that I have used or tried. Which can be great for food tracking app, food sensitive apps, mood apps, anxiety apps, workout apps, and IBS/IBD apps.

Aaptiv Audio Fitness: This app does require a subscription. The workout choices and instructors were some of my favorites to use. I loved how they would incorporate mindfulness into some of the exercises. Especially in the walking and running guided audio. Had a great music selection as well.

Ate Food Journal - Photo Diary: This is my favorite food tracking app I recommend to my clients. It is not about what you ate in terms of counting macros or calories; it's about why you ate and how you feel. You take a picture of your food, so there is not listing each ingredient, and answer some mindful questions - why did you eat, where did you eat, who did you eat with, how did you feel after you ate. This is great if you are wanting to be more mindful, work on stress eating, or your food relationship in general. They offer a free and paid version.

Bloom CBT Therapy & Self-Care: I love the concept of this app! CBT is great for anxiety, pain management, and the list could go on. This is a guide app to check in with how you feel, it will also guide you through some meditation. Keeps track of your trends. Great self-care check-in tool!

Calm Meditation: This is my go-to meditation app. There are many choices, such as when the feeling of a panic attack starts, they have a guided meditation just for that. Need to clear your mind to be ready for your work meeting, they have something for that too! Need a story to calm for bedtime, yes, the list of choices goes on and on.

Cara Care IBS, IBD, and low FODMAP Tracker: If you experience IBS sympathy and have anxiety, where you have this thought - is this anxiety or something I ate?!? This app can be very helpful. It is a complete tracker - food, mental health, sleep, physical symptoms, women's health, and more. You can set custom reminders "Good morning! Don't forget to eat breakfast!" or "Hey, coffee isn't a complete meal, eat some food".

Carb Manager Keto Diet App: Don't let the name of this one throw you off with Keto. This is a great app if you are counting Macros or Net Carbs. It is very customizable and I personally like this one over MyFitnessPal. There is a free and paid version.

FitOn Workout & Fitness Plans: This a free workout app (pro is paid), so many nice features. You can create and set a workout plan, set reminders, share progress with a friend (or Health Coach).

Fitbit Health & Fitness: So many choices with Fitbit, if you have a Fitbit Device - I recommend all of their apps. Fitbit Coach, they have a paid version and free. You can track lots of different things and syncs with a ton of other apps too.

mySymptoms Food Dairy: This one is great to help you narrow down how certain foods are making you feel. If you think you have or are trying to figure out what food you are sensitive to. This one is a great tool and can work alongside an elimination diet.

There are so many health & wellness apps out there, what are some of your favorites?