Organic Produce Delivery

I was never sold on the need to buy organic produce till the last couple of years. I still don't always buy everything organic - I pick and choose based on cost and the dirty dozen.

Here is why I started to buy organic and how I save on the extra cost. I am sensitive to GMO foods and pesticides. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure this out, but once I did, it has helped me eat what makes me feel best.

The first way to save at the store with organic is to buy only what is in season. Have you ever seen organic strawberries for $8.99 for a tiny thing - it had to travel a long way to get to you, and you are paying for that cost.

Madness Box

Another way I like to save is to use an ugly produce company. My go-to company is Misfits Market. You can select how big of a box and how often you would like one. It is also easy to skip around. Oftentimes what you get can be a mystery; you can select some preferences based on what they have available.

If you are like me and only one or two people will eat fresh produce, here are some times I use to try not to waste anything we get:

  • Share with neighbors, especially if I get something I know we won't eat.

  • Freeze for soups, roast, and smoothies.

  • Prep for easy grab and eat.

  • Meal plan around what we received.

Meal planning around my produces boxes. You can see in some of my previous blog posts; I like to theme meal plans. This allows me to have open flexibility with what to make but yet still have some guidance. This week I open my misfit box with my Cook Once, Eat Twice meal plan printed out. Found 6 meals I could make with what I had available and planned out my week. This meal plan allowed me to mix and match weeks and have some room to work with what I have.

Misfits is not a local company to me. Overall I have had success. They are not perfect, but they are always willing to take care of an issue. Sometimes we receive produce that isn't okay to eat; they have an easy ticket to submit any issues, and they normally give me a discount off of my next order.

If you are interested in giving Misfits a try, use my link and get a discount on your first box. They make it easy to cancel if you are unhappy with their service.

If you are local to West Michigan, there is a smaller local organic produce delivery service Called Doorganics. They do their best to source and deliver locally grown produce and other products right to your door.

Their customer service and produce quality has always been amazing. If you love to support local and small, I recommend you giving them a try. Use my link to save $10 off your first order with Doorganics.

Prepped and having a plan is key to reducing waste when it comes to producing subscription boxes. I highly recommend them as they encourage you to try something you may have never attempted before. It can also be a lower-cost way to purchase all organic produce.

Do you use an organic produce delivery service? If so, which one?

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