Self-Care Exercise

A health journey is not just about what one eats or how they exercise. It is also about emotional health. When working with clients, we focus a lot on positive things. Finding the skill sets that are already deep inside and bring them to the forefront of the mind.

This gentle reminder helps build self-esteem. Building on the skills and positive characteristics, using what one has builds confidence in all aspects of one's life.

That is where this Self-Love Exercise was created, with the idea that deep down, we all know the positive skills and traits we have. We often need some helping to find them and being reminded of them.

Step 1: Complete the 5-Day Exercise. That consists of positive affirmation about yourself. At the end of day 5, you should have about 30 affirmations.

Need some questions to help you dig deep? Here are some questions to help stir up thought.

  • Think about a time where you felt best in your life. Best as happiest, healthiest; write about this time, what was happening, and why you think you felt best.

  • Think about a time when you felt most proud of yourself. It can be home or career-related. It doesn't matter. Write about this time - what skills/traits did you use that made you feel this way.

  • Think about a time where you may have felt defeated. What made you feel this way, and if you had a magic button to redo this experience, how would you do it differently? The thought process on how you would do it differently will show the skills and traits you know do have.

Step 2: After completing the 5-day exercise, now it is time to create a daily affirmation. It would help if you had a mix of 30 skills, traits, affirmations to use for this.

The goal is to create something that speaks to you. Take into consideration if you are visual or verbal - do you want to read it or hear it?

Step 3: For the next 30 days, listen, read, or see an affirmation that you created at least once a day. When you see it, read it, or hear it - repeat it to yourself a minimum of 3 times that day. Morning, Afternoon, and Night are recommended.

The idea is at the end of your 30-day affirmation project, the skills and confidence that are already inside of you - will be more forefront and center in your mind. So when the negative self-talk, the positive talk is right there to pull from and a faster way to change your thought pattern.

Share below if you tried this or if you have a current affirmation practice you already use.