I have created a fun, screenless way to track food for balance, mindfulness, hydration, and whatever other goals one might have.  

The blank template allows you to label your plate, customized to any type of eating preference. Placed with 3 blank note boxes to allow space for feelings, goals, mindfulness, or calories/Marcos. 

The pre-label plates are based on the MyPlate and IIN food plates which include: Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Proteins, and Fats & Oils. Each has a hydration tracker and some have the option of Exercise tracking. 

One sheet is a representative of one day. Find the template that best fits your eating preference. Get creative and color code, or use it as it is. 

A PDF Printable food tracker. A space to track balanced meals. 

12 different templates to find one that fits your eating preference and dietary needs.
- Track food 
- Fruit, Vegetables, Proteins, Grains, Fats, Oils, Water
- Place for notes: mindful and intuitive eating
- Track Exercise
- Empty space for notes; calories, mood, physical feelings

Once you purchase this PDF file you will be able to use it personally or with your clients. As a coach, nutrition, or dietitian; you have the right to distribute this for free with your paid clients. This doesn't include a commercial usage licensing; please no re-sale of this product.

Food Tracker

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